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Stop the Hair Fall by Regular Intake of Propecia

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Hair loss can be a grave problem of your life especially if you have begun to lose hair from a very early age. Your greatest fear will be reaching a stage of baldness. Normally, a healthy adult can lose 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. But if the number rises alarmingly for you, then you have to take the matter seriously and consult a doctor. When you visit a specialist, you will get a common name that most of the doctors prescribe as medication for alopecia cases. If you have been suffering from androgenetic alopecia for a long time, then here are your effective medicines.

Be patient

Intake of a drug just after buying from the RXShopMD does not imply that your scalp will start to grow new hair strands immediately and you will have thick and strong hair within a week. It takes a few years to complete the process of hair restoration. Taking the drug along with proper lifestyle maintenance and healthy food intake will result in gradual growth of healthy follicles. Through various clinical tests, researchers have proved that the medicine does not exhibit any severe side effects.

Learning the pharmacodynamics

The drug Propecia is primarily a synthetic compound of 4-azasteroid. This particular drug is the specific and competitive inhibitor of an intracellular enzyme called Type II 5a-reductase. The enzyme is responsible for the conversion of the androgenic testosterone into a compound named 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone or naturally the DHT. Type I Type II are the distinct isoenzymes that your body already contains. Each of the isoenzymes will express differently in various tissues as well as in the developmental stages. Your skin and scalp have sebaceous glands that contain the Type 1 5a reductase. The drug is more active on the Type II 5a reductase than the Type I and Type II is found in the hair follicles too.

Action mechanism

The Finasteride will inhibit the Type II 5 a reductase by forming stable compounds in the association with the enzyme. With Type II 5a reductase inhibition, the process of testosterone conversion to DHT stops. The result will be an immediate decrease of the DHT concentration in tissue and serum. The serum testosterone concentration will increase simultaneously. The androgenic alopecia in the male will start to recede when there is a considerable decrease in the DHT in the scalp tissue. Over and above, the process will induce the growth of hair and slow down the rate of hair fall gradually.

Specifically for males

The medicine that is strictly in use to cure hair fall in men will not affect the female’s body. The very reason for this sex-biased work mechanism of the drug is due to its innate ability to modify the secretion and dynamics of the male hormone testosterone. As the chief chemical to undergo the impact of the drug is testosterone, females won’t be able to enjoy the advantage of the same. Generally, you can store the medicine at average room temperature provided it is between 15 . to 30 degrees in Celsius.