Health is Wealth

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Many live in search of quality of life and of course maintaining a healthy life is a challenge for the vast majority of people. This is because our health not only involves the physical aspect, we also have to maintain emotional and mental balance. Balancing these two elements on a daily basis is a challenge in the face of a hectic and hectic routine.

It is essential to know how to choose and prioritize some things, after all, happiness is what gives us pleasure, makes it easy to be persevering and disciplined not to give up halfway. The iHerb discount codes are essential here.

It is therefore important to pay attention to health, diet, body, sleep, family, personal and professional life. Here are some priorities for healthy mind and body:


The choice of what we eat reflects directly on our body and our mind. A healthy diet includes grains, fruits, fish, protein and fiber. The amount of food you eat is also important, not being stuffed, feeling satiated does not mean that you have eaten properly.Remember that health starts at the mouth. If supplementation is required, consult a qualified professional.


Staying active is good for both body and mind. Even if time is short, looking for practical ways to exercise will help to improve performance and disposition in everyday life.

A walk on the boardwalk, by the sea, in the park or anywhere in the fresh air is very inspiring. It is important that before any physical activity, seek professional advice and medical evaluation.

Good Sleep

Many people have trouble sleeping, or their night’s sleep is not quite enough to rest. Nights like this speed up our aging process and often lead to health problems.

Sleeping well is sacred, relaxing body and mind allows the next day to be productive. If you have problems such as insomnia, seek medical attention.

Be Positive

As much as life presents problems, it is important to keep your head always optimistic and try not to get discouraged. Studies show that positive thoughts help maintain our clarity and increase our creativity.

Psychologist Martin Seligman, one of the pioneers of Positive Psychology (PSP) presents in his new publication theoretical and practical aspects for developing the optimism, motivation and resilience characteristics that are necessary for people to develop psychological well-being. Also you can make use of the iherb hk here.

Heart Failure

It is characterized by the inefficiency of the heart to pump blood throughout the body. In this way, the body runs out of energy enough to perform its functions and physical effort.


Anemia is a disease in which red blood cells that carry oxygen in the blood are altered and not doing their duty properly. Thus, the body has its oxygen demand compromised, causing tiredness.

Sleep Disorder

It is while we sleep that our bodies recover from the bustle of the day and replenish their energies. People who suffer from some sleep disorder, such as apnea or insomnia, do not have the rest the body needs, resulting in fatigue.

Healthy Work

We spend a good deal of our time at work. It is therefore important that the environment is peaceful and minimally pleasurable. Of course, this is not always possible and we do not always choose the colleagues with whom we will relate.We must learn to respect and live with different types of temperaments. Remember, you have plans and goals and you can’t let small things get you out of focus.