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Types of sale funnels you get from clickfunnels

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Attracting people and bring them to your sales funnel is quite a difficult task to do. You can make your funnels interesting and build up many lead pages so that your visitors can stay on your sales page for longer time. You can take help of the clickfunnels to get the amazing funnels at an affordable price which suits all type of business. Go through the clickfunnels pricing structure for knowing the monthly sign ups. People put attractive ads on various social platforms so the audience can click them and they can lend on the sales page.

Some funnels that are provided by this software

  • Coupon funnel – nothing attracts the customers when you add extra discount or the limited stocks of certain products on your sales page. This method makes them do actions which favors your business. Many professional online sales company uses this coupon funnels to attract more audience towards their products. You can go for the exchange offers which mean the discount will be provided on the products when the customers exchange any other product while buying. Limit the coupon number so that people are always up for the latest deals and pays close attention to your business. With the help of clickfunnels, you can build this coupon funnel easily, just check out clickfunnels stock price .
  • Limited time funnel – this funnel is also used by many people on their sales pages. You can provide heavy discount on the latest and exclusive products and limit the time for the deal. When people see the timings on the products they most likely buy that product as human psychology want the things which are limited. You can get this pre build funnel by visiting com pricing. You can automate your email promotion and remind your audience about these limited deals through the emails for better results.