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Yoga is the best way to meditate and keep your body healthy and young. Yoga Chicago provides classes on extensive yoga training at affordable fees and one must join the yoga classes to stay healthy. Starting yoga classes helps you in the better understanding of yourself and giving yourself the time and space will boost your work efficiency and make you energetic and active.

There are various kinds of yoga practices. The different yoga practices are specialized in treating different diseases of the body and tone your body. You can look for different kinds of yoga:

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga which is best for the beginners. This encourages the beginners for the proper alignment of parts of body with little stretching on the sides. Beginners usually do it for 10 minutes. Hatha yoga concentrates on proper diet and proper cleansing of the body. Hatha yoga teaches you various breathing exercises. Hatha yoga believes that proper breathing does proper cleansing of the body.

Ashtang yoga

 Ashtang yoga believes in combining the movement of the body with breathing to produce heat that cleanses the body. There are three types of yoga with six series altogether in Ashtang yoga.  First is primary series which contains-chikitsa yoga or yoga therapy, secondly-intermediate therapy which contains-nadi sadhona, third type contains four series-advanced A, B, C, D.

Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga makes people run for 90 minutes. This yoga also includes the breathing exercises. People who preached this yoga called the rooms of Bikram yoga as the torture chambers. In these rooms, temperature is raised to 105 degree to heat the body with 40% humidity. This practice requires bright lights with carpeted floors and the mirror fixed on the walls. Students are not allowed to do the conversation in between the yoga sessions.