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Simple ways to maintain ‘oil-free beautiful skin’

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Do you feel uncomfortable when your friends or colleagues comment on your oily skin? Do you suffer from constant acne on your skin? If so, we are sure that you would have tried all the tips & tricks to reduce the oiliness of your skin. You may feel frustrated when none of the techniques work but seldom you might know that the starting point to having a beautiful oil-free skin could be using the right ‘bathing soap’ that suits your skin.

Our face is the most important part of our body and it deserves the best treatment. You would feel the difference while bathing with the soap as the skin feels smooth, silky, and softer even after a long time. Bathing soap from a renowned brand would replenish the moisture in the skin. Though there are so many brands available in the market, consumers should make sure that they choose products that suit their skin tone.

Godrej No. 1 is a brand that is operational for many years and has a wide range of products ranging from moisturizing creams to cleansers. These products are very good for daily use i.e. washing body, as well as the face. You would feel fresh & energized after having a bath, but along with fresh fragrance; bathing with the right kind of soap is like ‘offering a treat to your gentle skin’. One category of soap that is instrumental in doing the same is ‘Oil Soaps’. Oil soap can heal skin infections and keeps your body germ free. The fragrance or aromatic property of the soap is super refreshing.

Sandal soap contains natural oils which give you a younger looking skin. It helps to remove the dead skin cells and revitalizes the skin. Oil soaps also promote cells renewal. The other varieties of soaps that can improve your skin quality are Sandal & Turmeric soap, Coconut & Neem soap, Rosewater & Almonds soap, and Lime & Aloe Vera soap. Sandalwood powder is known to fight acne-causing bacteria, soothing sunburn, and reducing ageing signs like wrinkles and dry skin. In today’s fast-paced life, you may not get the time to apply that powder on a frequent basis; hence you need a soap that is packed with the goodness of Sandalwood. Milk soap & Saffron soap moisturizes the skin & lightens the skin tone remarkably. It also prevents many skin ailments. The Sandal & Turmeric soap contains traditional ingredients that are trusted for skin care. Since this category of soap contains Sandal & Turmeric, it provides the necessary glow to your skin.

Take the case of Saffron milk cream soap also termed as Skin whitening soap which contains rich milk cream that provides a unique natural glow. Along with the goodness of Sandalwood, you can make use of Turmeric that is known to contract the pores on your skin. Turmeric has vital anti-inflammatory properties that can calm your skin. Many people are tired of acne on their skin, Turmeric can reduce acne breakouts thereby making your face clear & glowing. The goodness of Sandal & Turmeric packed in one soap that is considered as the best soap for oily skin .

Selecting the right soap is not only important for your skin, but it is also vital for the removal of germs & bacteria from your body. Usage of soaps from sub-standard FMCG companies can lead to skin problems hence, it is recommended to rank ‘quality’ higher than ‘price’ (though the price may be the same). Godrej No. 1 has a range of products in the bathing category and that is the primary reason it is considered the go-to brand when someone is searching for bathing soaps in India .