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Reducing anxiety for better sleep

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Sleep is the most important part of the healing process of the body. The body requires sleeping to heal up the worn out cells of the body. The maximum repair to the body takes place during the sleeping time. Thus, you require sleeping to heal up and rejunivate the body for the day. In order to get a good night sleep in the long chilly winter nights of Canada you require a cozy bed and the weighted blanket Canada .

Insomnia can hamper your progress

The lack of sleep is going to hamper the daily activity of the day. If you are not having proper sleep then you are not going to work as efficiently as the person who is getting goodnight sleep.  This is not only going to affect your progress but it is going to invite many nerve diseases which may further increase the insanity if not treated in the early stages of the disease.

How the weighted blanket is going to get you the sleep?

The weighted blanket is designed in such a way as to provide you the maximum comfort and reduce the production of the cortisol which is responsible for increasing the anxiety and stress level in the body. The tiny fabric material packed in the blanket in thousand numbers is going to wrap your body. In order to build a comfortable layer under your body for providing you a cozy feeling, making your body to go off to sleep within few minutes as you lay on the bed.

Deep touch pressure therapy for better sleep

It is found that the weight of the blanket should be 10% weight of the body weight of the person who is sleeping in the blanket. The science which is behind this theory is that the more deeply body is touched the faster it reduces the stress hormones and increases the production of happy hormones.