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The word ‘Nootropics’ has suddenly become a hot topic among people particularly after watching the movie “Limitless”. The pill used in the movie to make every work easier ignited the spark of curiosity.

‘Nootropics’, also called as ‘smart drugs’, is a term used for the community of some naturally occurring or manmade chemicals that improve the cognitive functioning of the brain. In other words, nootropics are those supplements which act as brain boosters, thus by enhancing the cognitive performance and health of the brain. Nootropics are considered as one of the best cognitive enhancers .

As we grow older, the memory starts to dwindle in a way that we can’t realize. When you find it hard to remember things, nootropics can prove to be a really good way to improve memory. Nootropics usually include supplements, functional foods or medications.

Nootropics generally carry a large number of benefits across attention, memory, anxiety, mood, focus, motivation, stress resistance etc. However, a drug can only fall under the category of nootropics if it boosts up the overall health and mind over a longer period of time. There are certain medications like Amphetamines that provide short-term benefits to the brain but technically they are not considered a nootropic.

There are certain nootropics that work as a vasodilator. Vasodilators are the kind of medications that help in opening up the blood vessels, allowing better oxygen flow to the brain.

Dr.Corneliu E. Giurgea, who coined the term ‘nootropic’, has set five criteria which a substance needs to meet in order to be a nootropic. The substance must:

  1. Increase the ability to learn and remember things.
  2. Have negligible or zero side-effects and virtually harmless.
  3. Help the brain function even under disruptive conditions like electroconvulsive shock or hypoxia.
  4. Enhance the efficiency of neuronal firing control mechanisms in cortical and sub-cortical parts of the brain.
  5. Secure the brain from physical and chemical assaults like anti-cholinergic drugs.

There is a huge list of nootropics and all of these smart drugs work in different ways. A number of people who are taking nootropics discover improvements in their memory, motivation, ability to concentrate and stress resistance. The benefits that people will get from nootropics depend upon the medication and dose they are taking. Most people get required results from nootropics, even if the dosage is subtle.

Nootropics mainly prevent the neurons from any kind of damage and enhance the neuroplasticity, the way you respond to sensory information. In this way, it ensures the improvement of your overall cognitive functioning, learning capacity, memory and attention span.

Some of the major nootropics that are used in the tech world are:

  1. Ashwagandha, which is used to reduce stress.
  2. A mixture of L-theanine and Caffeine to improve concentration.
  3. Bacopa Monnieri or Brahmi, which is used to make the memory formation better.

Since, the world is changing, everybody has joined the race for self-improvement. As there is a gradual rise in the companies selling various sorts of cognitive enhancers/brain supplements, the popularity of nootropics is on its peak. The most fascinating thing about nootropics is that they exist with a wide range of possible uses depending upon your needs. Whenever it comes to improving cognitive functioning, nootropics benefit pretty much everyone. So, if you are willing to sharpen up your cognition, nootropics are the real way to go.