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Consequences of Youth Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse refers to the excessive or addictive of drug substances for non-medical purposes. The problem of drug abuse among youths has become a major concern to many parents in the world. Today, youths occupy a delicate and sensitive position in the society. Research shows that at least 28 million Americans who are above the age of 11 years are using illegal drug substances while others are struggling to regain their normal life in various rehab centers such as Luxury Drug Rehab Facility Los Angeles . A lot of parents feel that they have lost control over their kid’s future. Below are some of the effects of drug abuse among youths.


Brain Damage

Medical practitioners say that brain development doesn’t end at childhood as many people tend to think. Recent studies have indicated that the human brain continues to develop into your 20s. Human brain experts have discovered that the brain’s prefrontal cortex which controls reasoning, learning, decision-making, and planning isn’t fully developed during the teenage years. This is the reason why a lot of adolescents are always prone to risks such as unprotected sex, and substance abuse . The effects of drug abuse on the teenage brain can be long-lasting. Abuse of substances such as marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine can damage the brain to a larger extent which may affect the way an individual behaves and thinks.

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Effect on Academics

Declining academic performance increased, the potential of dropping out of school, and regular absenteeism from school are among the primary problems associated with substance abuse among school-going youths. Drug addicts tend to display a low level of commitment to academic programs which leads to a sharp decline in their academic performance. These youths may also become obstacles to other students and also become disrespectful to their teachers and parents.

Family Problems

Substance abuse may also result in a serious family crisis in addition to the personals problems that the addict may be facing. This may jeopardize family stability which may result in family dysfunction. Both parents and children are affected in equal measure by the problem of substance abuse. Parents are forced to deal with the unpredictable behavior of their children while trying to figure out what the real problem is. The cost of rehabilitation at a rehab center such as Luxury Drug Rehab Facility Los Angeles can drain a family’s financial resources.

Trouble with the Law

Possession of illegal drug substances and underage drinking can land you on the wrong side of the law. The situation may get worse since most of the addicts tend to resist law enforcement agents when caught up in drugs and liquor. Things such as violent behavior, vandalism, and stealing are always connected with substance abuse. Youths may not understand the fact that substance abuse has the potential to lead you to something else.