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Common orthodontic problems and treatment options  

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Orthodontic problems affect both adults and children. For children, these problems can be detected by the age of 7 when permanent teeth start to grow. Even if your teeth appear well aligned, it is possible that your jaws aren’t. If you live in Annapolis, it is vital to schedule a checkup with a top Annapolis orthodontist to prevent a future problem such as tooth loss.
Here are some common orthodontic problems;

An overbite affects both your appearance and your ability to smile. It occurs when your upper teeth cover your lower teeth, causing the lower teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth.

When your lower jaw stretches beyond your upper jaw and forces your lower teeth to move beyond your upper teeth, then you have an underbite. An underbite occurs when the lower jaw outgrows the upper jaw.

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Crowding occurs when teeth have insufficient space to erupt. As such, they become crowded and crooked. A professional orthodontist can help create sufficient room for your teeth to erupt by expanding your jaw.

Open bite
For an open bite, the lower and upper front teeth don’t make contact when the back teeth are clenched. Often, this problem is caused by finger or thumb sucking and can make chewing difficult.

A crossbite occurs when your upper teeth sit behind your lower teeth causing problems with jaw development. A crossbite can occur on one side or both sides of the mouth.

Orthodontic treatment options
The kind of orthodontic treatment you will have will depend on the condition getting corrected. Here are some treatment options available;

Braces for misaligned bites
There are several types of braces, which include traditional, clear and invisible braces. In the recent past Invisalign braces have gained popularity and are quickly replacing the traditional braces. They are made to fit well with your teeth and correct an alignment problem. Also, they are removable meaning you can maintain good oral health while using them.

Partial orthodontic treatment
Sometimes you may not need a full set of braces depending on your condition. If only a few teeth need to be aligned for aesthetic purposes or to prepare for a dental procedure, your orthodontist may recommend partial treatment. Partial treatment is usually focused an isolated area of the mouth.

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