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7 Things to Check Before Buying Organic Hemp Oil

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Organic hemp oil, also known as CBD oil, is getting rapid recognition from vape users because of its various benefits. CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in cannabis plants. Many people are becoming aware of the benefits of hemp oil; some still connect it with marijuana and getting high. Some of the health benefits include pain relief, less inflammation, anti-acne, an anti-depressant. CBD is usually extracted as oil or a powder; the oil or powder is then mixed with gels or creams and can be used externally or ingested orally.

The CBD oil can be a challenge to users who are using it for the first time because there are many things you will have to consider since the oil is available in many forms. Many products and brands are sold on the market.

To obtain the CBD oil that is best suited for your needs, the most critical points to consider are strength and concentration; you must also consider purity, the volume of CBD oil with the product.

Listed below are the seven things you must look for when purchasing organic hemp oil:


It is essential to know where the hemp was grown and what is in it. Hemp is capable of absorbing everything, including good and bad elements, from the air, water, and soil that it’s grown from. Thus, it is essential to know that your hemp oil is organically grown on US soil.  The last thing customers want is to buy contaminated CBD oils that are full of pesticides, herbicides, or any heavy metals. For years, farmers have been using pesticides to protect the crops from insects, disease, and fungi; they have used herbicides to destroy weeds, but chemicals that are used to harm another species can be harmful to our species. This is why the demand for organic produce has gone up.

These chemicals have potential dangers; this is why you must purchase hemp oil that is organic and free of any toxins.

The amount of THC:

You may think that having more than a little amount of THC in your CBD oil may not be a big deal. For legal purposes, it’s better to take a CBD oil that has the least amount of THC . To be a legal hemp oil product, the hemp oil quantity must be 0.03% or less. You can look out for a CBD oil certificate that will state the levels of THC in them.


CBD oil, just like other products, can be watered down. Some organizations may try to scam you by making you think that you are receiving more product for less. It is always essential to check the concentration levels of the oil that you are purchasing to make sure you get what you are paying for.

The concentrations of various CBD products can vary on a broad range of CBD products; a good quality product can range from 250 mg to 1,000 mg per fluid ounce.

Potency and Purity:

It is essential that you don’t take the company’s word for its CBD oil to be free of any contaminants. You can have the oil tested in a third-party accredited laboratory, to ensure that the oil is safe, secure, good in quality, and potent enough to provide results.

How is CBD extracted?

Most CBD bottles are labeled in a certain way, like 1,000 mg CBD oil or 1,000 mg Hemp extract. This generally means that the entire bottle consists of a total of 1,000 mg of CBD. This question may seem similar to the earlier information on potency but that was concerning concentration, and this one is in the totality of organic hemp oil product.