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Rumba Dance Lessons Boston – Learning The Rumba Moves

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Dancing involves the movement of one’s feet or body or both rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music. This activity can also relate to the coordination within oneself or among two partners who are dancing together. In the world today, Dancing is viewed as an activity that is far beyond the traditional display of art and culture but rather it’s something that symbolizes a social norm.

There are numerous dances in the world today, but the subject of this article is the Rumba dance which happens to be a very sensual Latin Ballroom dance. The art of learning the Rumba dance is fun and quite simple too. All you have to do is to locate the nearest rumba dance lessons Boston to you

Its steps are simple, all you have to do is: First, ensure that your feet balls are on the floor, but avoid putting your feet up with your heels. While at it, just bend your knee while moving your foot and also straighten it when putting your weight towards your foot.

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The rumba dance routine is as follows: the male takes his partner’s right hand in his left, with their elbows almost in contact and positioned in front of the body. This offers the partners space for free movement. Then the male placing his right arm under his partner’s left arm, then have his left hand placed on her shoulder blade. At this point, the females’ left hand has to be placed flat right at the back of her partner’s shoulder. The pattern is afterward regulated into open and side by side positions.

It’s important to note that, the Rumba dance in Boston is usually counted in three beats, otherwise known as “slow, quick, quick”. This implies that at the slow count you have two beats of music step which is usually meant for the first count and old, by the second count it should be settling into your hip. Then at quick count, you are expected to move a beat of music step.

The box step is usually the first step to learn in rumba dance lessons Boston. Although the box step routine is applicable to both sexes, the focus here will be on the male alone. All the lady has to do is, follow the outlined steps but in the opposite direction and starting on the right foot.

The Box Step Routine for a Male

Slow (counts 1,2): Move forward with your left foot.

Quick (count 3): Move sideways with right foot. Ensure the left foot maintains its original position.

Quick (count 4): L et the left foot move close to the right. Then move your weight to the left.

Slow (counts 5,6): Take a Step back with your right foot. The left foot should maintain in its position.

Quick (count 7): Move your left foot sideways, your right foot should maintain its position.

Quick (count 8): Let your right foot meet your left foot. Then change your weight to right foot.

In conclusion, continual practice will help you attain perfection in the rumba dance art, so keep practicing!