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Why Pet Ownership Is Important For The Elderly

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It is fairly obvious by now, that our furry little friends are here to make our lives happier and healthier, but there are a lot of other benefits that come along. This applies especially to the elderly, and here you have a couple of reasons why you should own a pet as an elderly person.

It is very easy to form a list of how one can help seniors live a much healthier life, but did you know that owning a pet is one of them. While many adults tend to live alone, they do not really have to be lonely. Owning a pet can help you feel loved and not lonely.

Obviously, if you are planning to have a pet, then you need to be able to take proper care of them or have somebody help you with that. Talk to your local vet clinic, or visit the professional vet clinic in North Wahroonga and ask them about different pet care system they have to offer.

Be sure to choose the right pet and breed for yourself!

Pets improve your physical health

Just like they do for our children and adults, pets will improve your physical health in senior years. Your dogs require walking, playing and they are always active, which will encourage you to move more. Elderly need to stay as active as they possibly can be, to improve their physical health.

There was a study shown that 94% of patients with heart diseases survived a heart attack, while 74% of those who did not own pets were not so lucky. Of course, pets help your heart in many different ways as well, together with other things; such as reduction of 26% at the risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease.

This is mostly because, as a dog owner you are active, and there is a physical activity that needs to be reached for you to lower the risk of the cardiovascular disease. The recommended level of physical activity is about two and a half hours a week.

Improving social life

Pets give their owners a reason to go out for a walk, sit in a park and talk to other people around them. This way, they encourage you to have a social life, as they are mostly friendly, the love to sniff around and make great conversation starters. Elderly need to stay active for their well-being.

Many animals can make wonderful pets!

Emotional health

In addition, pets are great for your emotional health as well, especially since pets are less likely to allow you to feel lonely. Just seeing your pet after you wake up, you will surely not feel alone, and they will make you smile. All pets offer unconditional love, and they enjoy spending time with you, which is very important.

If you are planning to have a pet, you also need to take proper care of them. Contact professional cat doctor in Sydney like Gordon Vet Hospital or talk to your local vet to ask if there is any special care needed for your new furry friend; depending on which pet you chose to have.

Final word

There is a good reason why pets are used for therapy, and that is because they provide a healthy state of mind and also help sniff out diseases. It does not matter if you decide to get a dog, cat or any other pet, as long as you are able to take care of them, the two of you will surely have a happy life.