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Record Breaking DWI Stories – How Are You Still Alive?

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Everyone has heard some pretty ridiculous DWI stories throughout the years. People who are caught drinking and driving aren’t exactly firing on all eight cylinders. While drunk driving is something to be taken seriously and is an absolutely deadly issue in the United States; it is somewhat miraculous that many of the offenders were even capable of opening the door to the vehicle, let alone operating it.

Here are some of the more impressive drunk driving situations that exemplify the resiliency of the human body and the absolute hammering (no pun intended) that it can take by alcohol.  

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What Is The BAC in Layman’s Terms?

A .1 BAC is one tenth of one percent ethanol in the entire bloodstream. Yes. A tenth of one percent. The stuff is pretty lethal. The legal limit is less than a tenth of one percent.

The legal limit for the amount of alcohol a person can have in their bloodstream while driving is .08 percent. The legal limit is equal to 3 or 4 standard drinks (beer, shot, glass of wine) for the average size man (180 pounds) or 2 or 3 drinks for the average size woman (140 pounds).

At the legal limit for a normal drinker (someone who drinks every now and then and has no tolerance) would have less inhibitions, may become queasy or vomit and have impaired motor function.

Little People; Big Blood Alcohol Content Numbers

As every Irish person will tell you, the little people can really put away some booze.

The other little people being teenagers and college kids. This population has an average BAC between .12 and .28 while getting intoxicated. Their smaller bodies, emotional states and lack of tendency to eat or take breaks (bingeing is kind of their thing) makes these BAC numbers through the roof in A DWI arrest .

The Highest Numbers Go To The Polish People?

The lethal level according to medical professionals is .40. So that would be about a half of one percent total ethanol content in the blood stream. Still, there are several records of people having numbers that were well over double that number.

A St. Paul MN man purportedly holds a record on the internet of being found outside naked with a BAC of over 1.024.

Another St. Paul man holds the highest record (although others say the honor goes to a Minneapolis man) at 1.4. He survived a fatal car crash but later died from his injuries.

How Are You Still Talking?

A Minnesotan 67 year old man holds the record for the highest recorded survivable BAC level. The man was arrested for drunk driving and when taken to the hospital his BAC was recorded at .914. Assuming the equipment was broken, since the man was speaking coherently; the medical professionals recorded 5 separate tests to confirm the high numbers.

Apparently, the man had a bit of a tolerance from a life long drinking problem .

Consequently, this has been a difficult record to actually lock down. Alcoholics can have staggering BAC numbers and be walking and talking normally.