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Inpatient vs Outpatient Rehab

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First and foremost, in the battle of inpatient vs outpatient rehab , both serve the same purpose–to help those trying to recover from addiction successfully quit with long-term results. However, both of these forms of rehab aren’t exactly the same. Each form of rehab has different benefits, and it’s important you take certain factors into account when selecting between the two since you ultimately want to choose the option that fits your life and will help you the most. 

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Inpatient Rehab

You must take into consideration when deciding between inpatient vs outpatient rehab that inpatient rehab is a more comprehensive level of drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation. At Yellowstone Recovery, located in Costa Mesa, California, we offer residential treatment center (RTC) programs, where you spend several hours each day, six days each week receiving alcohol and drug rehab treatment. You’ll live on-site during your treatment. You participate in a 12-step program and have mandatory group meetings. You participate in regularly scheduled individual counseling sessions and will be able to partake in various activities throughout the day. You receive three meals each day and will have downtime at the end of each day. You’ll need to stick to a strict routine, which prepares you for going back into the real world without abusing a substance.

Generally, you benefit from an inpatient program if you’re susceptible to environmental factors of your addiction, have a serious addiction, could be in danger remaining in the same situation or don’t have a current residence. It’s not beneficial to those who have a job, school, family or other obligations that make remaining in a facility difficult.

Outpatient Treatment

At Yellowstone Recovery, we also offer an outpatient program. An outpatient program is one where you live offsite in your own home. You must come to regularly scheduled meetings. Typically, you’ll have three to four meetings each week where you’ll receive individual and group counseling. Typically, meeting times are in the evenings, so you’re able to work, attend school, take care of your children and fulfill all of your other obligations during the day. You’ll need to work on a 12-step program as well. 

Our outpatient program is intended as an aftercare program once you complete your initial RTC program. It provides you with support to continue with the recovery process while returning back to the real world. Outpatient care benefits you since you’re able to continue living your life as usual, but you have people to talk to who are going through what you are and will help you through living outside of the facility. This is especially important if you don’t have friends or family who’ll support you emotionally during this time. 

To schedule an appointment to start a drug or alcohol rehab program, contact Yellowstone Recovery, serving Costa Mesa, CA and the surrounding area, by calling 833-591-5858.