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21 Useful Tips to Sleep Better at Night

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What is the most important possibility for happiness?

The answer is simple and very obvious: physical relaxation. This can be achieved through a hobby such as gardening, tennis, or going to the sauna regularly, but also to take a walk in the evening, listen to music, do something creative or read. Everything that is relaxing for you.

 “Eat healthy and preferably basic (so little meat, sugar, coffee and alcohol) and make sure you get regular exercise.”

If you want to work on improving your sleep quality, here are the best tips for better sleep:

  1. Focus your sleeping environment, comfortable mattress that is somewhat soft and a pillow that allows optimal relaxation of the neck. Your bed must be so cozy and pleasant that you are looking forward to it.
  2. The ideal temperature of the bedroom is fresh, 18 ° C is the best.
  3. The room must be quiet, , sometimes you sleep in another room and do not lie next to a snoring or restless sleeping partner. This is often the only change you have to make to be able to sleep through well.
  4. Keep as regular a sleep rhythm as possible, which you carry out as far as possible, even on weekends.
  5. Sleeping in front of the TV in the evening is not a good idea. Avoid these naps. It makes sleeping more difficult afterwards.
  6. Avoid heavy and high-fat meals 3 hours before you go to sleep. A small snack before bedtime is fine. Milk, bananas and chocolate are rich in L-tryptophan which is good for our sleep chemistry. To penetrate the brain, L-tryptophan needs a ‘transmitter’ in the form of a sugar molecule. Therefore, it is good to add a spoonful of honey to the yoghurt or warm milk.
  7. Drink alcohol no more than 3 hours before bedtime. If you drink alcohol, you will fall asleep more easily, but in the second half of the night, you will not be able to sleep through properly. This has a very negative impact on sleep quality.
  8. This also applies to coffee or caffeinated drinks. Avoid drinking coffee 6 to 8 hours before you go to sleep. The sleep-inhibiting effect of coffee can last from 8 to 14 hours! Black tea, green tea and cola also contain caffeine.
  9. Do not smoke after 7:00 pm or stop if you can quit smoking completely. Nicotine can have the same adverse effects as caffeine. Especially the combination of nicotine and alcohol is having a sleep-disruptive impact.
  10. Avoid taking medication such as appetite suppressants and painkillers. You should consult your doctor for this.
  11. It is not a good idea to perform excessive physical exertion after 6 pm. After exercising, it takes at least 3 hours for the body to rest again. Do sports activities during the day.
  12. And what do you think of this? Only use the bed to sleep in, not to work in, to make a phone call or to watch TV. The bedroom must be a space that is a stimulus that really only stimulates sleep. The only activity besides sleeping that is allowed is, of course, sex. Sex also has a fantastic sleep-promoting effect.
  13. Ensure a clear demarcation between exercise and relaxation. If the tasks for the next day, the worries or worrying do not let you go, it is a great tool to write this in the evening. This is often a great way to ‘drop them off.’
  14. Make a ritual of going to bed. That is a series of regular actions performed in the same order. This ritual before going to bed should not last longer than 30 minutes. It gives your body the signal that it’s time to go to bed.
  15. What we already know is that it is wise to watch our activities in the evening, such as watching TV, chatting, surfing the internet. These activities can lead to tension or emotional excitement. These subjects can sometimes keep you very busy, making it difficult to sleep. You have clearly activated your mind too strongly.
  16. Go read before bedtime. It relaxes the mind, makes sleepy, fatigues the eyes and optimally prepares the body for falling asleep. This is of course ‘light’ literature.
  17. Lighting bright lights when you wake up at night is not a good idea. It makes you more awake and can disrupt your biological clock.
  18. Avoid looking at the clock at night. This leads to stress thoughts. So set your alarm clock so that you cannot see it.
  19. In the morning after getting up, sit outside in the daylight for half an hour (even if it is cloudy). It helps to stabilize the sleep-wake rhythm, improves your mood and makes you happy.
  20. The powernap or afternoon nap is controversial, but scientists believe that it is consistent with our natural biological rhythm. An afternoon nap increases the performance and compensates for the lack of sleep of the previous night.
  21. For people who have to work at night or work on their biological rhythms because of their work, the sharp edges of their sleep problems can get them or even completely recover by thinking of sleeping one or more hours in the afternoon.

These are the best useful tips to have a better night sleep, some people are lazy in their life routines if you are one of those guys, and facing sleepiness then we suggest taking medication. Medication like Modalert is a good option for everyone having a sleeping disorder. Hope you enjoyed reading our tips, don’t forget to drop a comment about your experience!