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How Those Who Own Ballroom Dance Centers in Boston Feel About Dancing Competitions

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In the recent past, a study was carried out whereby people of all walks were requested to offer their opinions regarding the trends in ballroom dance centers Boston as well as the competitive circuit. There were a variety of responses, most of which were not that pleasant. Some people said that the dance competitions held in ballroom dance centers in this region were largely characterized by a substantial degree of confusion which is brought forth by that fact that dancers are generally not keen enough when it comes to mastering the taught moves. Others commented that the technique used during such dance competitions were way below per mainly because the dance tutors concentrated on perfecting only a few dance skills. To another group of respondents, majority of the ballroom dance centers in Boston invited too many guest dance choreographers, and this made it very difficult for the students to grasp what their main tutors offer. The last problems identified by the participants in this particular survey were excessive tricks and inappropriate movements and costuming.

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In the process of thinking about the responses from the research, I came to the realization that it is possible to solve or improve a good number of these negative observations with a great deal of accountability and keenness. First, the ballroom dance center tutors, directors and even owners are supposed to set the tone not only for answerability but also suitability for whatever they decide to teach and display on the dance stage. Nobody will put up an argument with the need to maintain the children’s lessons and purity. It is also necessary that the above mentioned stakeholders do whatever it takes to offer their dance students with a strong technical background and also innovative, artistic and authentic dance choreography. In terms of levels, there should be complete honesty on the part of the stakeholders especially in the registration of ballroom dance students and dancers for varied segments.

When it comes to the competitions themselves, it is very vital to ensure they are guided by reasonable and moral beliefs and regulations. If a particular dance routine is supposed to involve a few special dance tricks, there is need to uphold the same. All in all, since the dance industry seems to lack many regulations, the stakeholders must play their parts in bringing in positivity and consciousness into the dance classes and competitions.