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Take Advantage of this Senior Care Franchise Opportunity in Dayton Ohio

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Our company has created a support system to help families who are looking for the best care options for their parents and other loved ones. We have a senior care franchise opportunity in Dayton Ohio that could be just the small business that you’ve been looking to own.

As a franchisee, you will work as a senior care consultant who provides services and guidance to families in a difficult time in their lives: having to make a decision about the proper care for someone they love. You will be a valuable community resource to families and can help them make the right choice. You’ll have strong relationships and knowledge of area senior care options to help families make an informed choice.

This is a home-based business model. We operate with low overhead and minimal operating expenses. This position requires you to have focus, dedication, communication skills, and compassion for your clients.

You will be supported in your work by our corporate headquarters. Any time you have a question or concern, we are there to provide training and answer your questions. We instill a sense of pride and a love of helping people in each of our franchisees, and we promote this vision by providing you with the same level of support you will provide your clients.

We provide you with a proven marketing and community awareness model that will help you find potential clients and chances for you to present more information about your services. The daily operation side of the business will require you to have an administrative assistant or someone else who can manage the paperwork, documentation, and other operations tasks. This might come in the form of a husband and wife team. You can do the operations work yourself, but having some help can be extremely helpful as well to make your job finding clients easier and more productive.

When you first meet with your clients, you will talk about their needs, and what type of assistance they are looking for. You answer questions about available types of care and give families information that helps them to make the right decision for the best care for their loved one. You go with them to tour facilities and provide follow-up visits and care if the family decided to move their loved one to a care facility.

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