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Are you in the Holland, Zeeland or Grand Rapids areas in Michigan? Are you looking for the best family and cosmetic dentist? Look no further because Dr. Piero is the man. He is the number one Holland Michigan dentist. He has been offering both family and cosmetic dental services in Holland for the last 30 years. Dr. Piero offers sedation dentistry and ensures that all the procedures are painless. He also handles all his patients in a gentle manner and his services are affordable. He understands how important our oral health is in the grand scheme of total body health. When you arrive at the clinic, you will be greeted by friendly staff members who will jump right into the admission process. We have very little to no wait times and they ensure that the dentist sees you in the shortest possible time after your arrival.

Dr. Piero is also available for any emergency dental needs. You might have dental emergencies such as a cracked tooth, tooth ache or a knocked out tooth. Do not panic because the dentist is only a call away. Dr. Piero will look into any of these or any other dental emergencies in Holland, Michigan.

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General and family dentistry is our forte as we have been offering this kind of healthcare in Holland, Michigan for the last three decades. Dr. Piero and his team are committed to offering the best family and cosmetic dental care. His quality is top-notch and the reviews and testimonials speak volumes about the quality of his care.

When you book an appointment and arrive for a consultation, Dr. Piero will use high power technology to clean all the surfaces of your teeth. This will ensure that he is able to see if there are any other issues such as cavities to be addressed. This type of consultation is hands-on and ensures that no stone is left unturned. You will, therefore, not have to seek a second opinion because all your issues will have been looked into. You will walk out with a whiter and brighter smile that radiates in your eyes after your teeth have been whitened by Dr. Piero.

Dr. Piero also does root canal therapy. There are many patients who have described sleepless nights and discomfort caused by issues in their root canals. The dentist is able to administer painless therapy in the root canal and this helps to alleviate the pain and the infection. Other patients have also presented gum disease. Here, the dentist will administer periodontal therapy which in many cases calls for scaling and root planning.

Others just have an issue with their smile and need cosmetic surgery. Dr. Piero has made many smile dreams come true by fixing any imperfection in the jaw line or teeth alignment and these patients have walked out of the clinic with the smiles of their dreams.

Dr. Piero is also a good teacher and once on the dental chair, he will help you decipher the many dental terminologies that the general public is always unaware of. He will tell you about aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, odour caused by plaque and gingivitis among others. He does this to help his patients take care of their teeth better.