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Five Reasons Why You Should Choose a Brooklyn Birth Center Over a Hospital

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Many expecting mothers are looking for an alternative to a hospital delivery. To meet this demand, some hospitals have independent birthing centers with access to full hospital services in case of emergencies. Choose an accredited, licensed Brooklyn birthing centerthat offers a wide number of natural and support options, such as nurse-midwives, licensed midwives and qualified physicians trained in natural delivery.

Here are five reasons to choose a birthing centers over a hospital to welcome your new baby to the world.

  1. You Want to Avoid an Epidural

If you want the empowering feeling that accompanies natural birth, a Brooklyn birthing center increases your odds of delivering without the intervention of an epidural. In a hospital environment, you are more likely to be offered drugs at the height of delivery, when you are most vulnerable. At a birth center, the nurses and midwives support your through the contractions. Specialized equipment, such as a birthing tubs and balls help relieve the pain, which comes in waves.

  1. You Don’t Want Induced Labor

When labor drags out, hospitals use pitocin to induce labor. However, it also increases the likelihood of a C-section. In addition, since induction speeds up contractions, you’re more likely to need an epidural rather than experiencing natural contractions.

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At a birth center, alternatives to medical induction are used to help move the delivery along.

  1. You Want a More Homelike Environment

Choose a Brooklyn birthing center over a hospital delivery for a more homelike environment. A sterile hospital room isn’t the easiest place to relax and focus on the process of bringing a new life into the world. Enjoy state-of-the-art equipment in a calm and peaceful setting for the best of both worlds.

  1. You Want to Birth in an Upright Position

If you prefer a different position than lying down during the birth, birthing centers can be more accommodating than hospitals. For instance, many mothers are more comfortable standing up to allow gravity to do some of the work. This position puts less stress on the baby since pushing from a prone position briefly cuts off the blood supply to the baby.

Midwives at birthing centers are flexible and trained to handle deliveries with different positions.

  1. You Want to Exclusively Breastfeed

Although the benefits of natural nursing are widespread, well-meaning nurses and doctors may push formula feeding if you have difficulty breast feeding. Once you give in to bottle feeding, the baby can have nipple confusion that makes it hard to switch back and forth from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Exclusively breast feeding increases the successful latching. Encouragement and support are offered at your Brooklyn birthing center to ease the transition for new mothers.

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