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Hey all, I hope this entry finds you well and healthy. As a Arlington personal trainer of many years, I would like to discuss ways to keep your immune system strong and to keep illness and sickness at bay. Let’s face it, if you are sick you cannot train, and if you cannot train, you cannot reach your goals.

First, let’s discuss the aspects that are important in maintaining a healthy immune system. Sleep is obviously number one on my list to keep your immune system strong. In a perfect world we would all get seven to eight hours of sleep, however as we know, it’s not a perfect world. If you can, try to get at least 6 hours, and train less intensely on days where sleep has been scarce.

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Next of course is stress. Stress is a major contributor to a weakened immune system. I know it is nearly impossible to eliminate stress from our lives, however, try to be cognizant of the fact that your stress levels will negatively impact your immune system.

Next, like your mother always told you, wash your hands. Make sure you are not touching your eyes, your nose, or your mouth as these are easy ways for germs to enter your body. Make sure you’re washing your hands frequently, especially after utilizing the gym or public resources. If we could help, feel free to reach us at Every Body’s Personal Trainer .