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Benefits of Electrolysis Needles For Hair Removal

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If you so badly want to remove unwanted hair, there are countless ways to go about it. But your choice will determine what the results will be. Many people are shifting from the conservative methods of removing hair (such as shaving and waxing) to newer ones. One of such new processes is the use of electrolysis needles . The ‘pros’ of using electrolysis outweighs the other methods of removing unwanted hair.

  1. Little or no pain

Many people believe that electrolysis is painful because the process involves needles. To start with, a thin needle is inserted into each hair follicle. Each hair receives a tiny current of electricity which destroys the hair and prevents re-growth. However, the needle is thinner than the strand of hair and it is not felt. A temporary prickling sensation is felt in the process.

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Electrolysis is said to be an ‘easy and less painful’ hair removal method. Unlike the method of shaving where cuts and bruises are made by the razor, the sharp sting felt by using electrolysis needles fades in seconds. Ingrown hairs are prevented by this method as well. In fact, laser hair removal method is more painful. As the hair is destroyed by the concentrated beam of light, a long-lasting pain (like the snap of a rubber band) is felt.

  1. Maintenance is not necessary

This method is also the most permanent hair removal method. Unlike other methods where there is need to maintain the shaved area, it requires no form of maintenance. However, electrolysis sessions may vary from one individual to the other. Both waxing and laser hair removal methods only offer longevity of about eight weeks, after which hair removal has to be done again. After waxing, exfoliating and moisturizing of the area keeps it silky and smooth. Meanwhile, laser hair removal method can be semi-permanent by attending several sessions.

  1. Electrolysis is used on all body parts

Methods like shaving with a razor cannot be carried out on all body parts. For instance, razors are not suitable for use on the eyebrows. While tweezers are best suited for the eyebrows, they are inefficient for the legs. Electrolysis needles can be used in both small and large-surface areas of the body because of its methodology. In addition, it can be used on sensitive areas of the body such as the upper lip and bikini line.