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Safe Nursery — Wood as the Best Material for Children's Furniture

The choice of furniture is always a crucial moment, especially when furnishing a children's room. Among the modern variety of design and color solutions, choosing the best option to fit even into the most original interior harmoniously will be challenging. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of materials from which the products are made; several other equally important factors should be considered.

The arrangement of a room for children should be approached especially carefully. It should be not only relaxing but also safe for the child. In a thoroughly equipped nursery with the help of WoodAndHearts furniture, it will be comfortable for the child to sleep, play, develop and immerse himself in the children's fantasy world.

What kind of wooden furniture is suitable for a kid?

If you want a wooden nursery, go for a wooden bed. It can be a separate element or part of a headset. For example, the bed is complemented by a wardrobe, shelves, and drawers. Also, the bed can complete the writing desk: the top is a bed, and the bottom is a writing desk. For two children, a wooden bunk bed is an excellent solution. It is also can be complemented by drawers. An exceptional solution for kids, from which they will be delighted, is a bed complemented by an actual slide. So, getting out of bed will be much more fun.

If you need wooden furniture for children, order a comfortable writing desk. Professionals create it so that children's things are practical and convenient to fit in it. For this, not only the layout features are taken into account, but also of the child — his preferences, academic workload, etc.

Features of choice

Children's furniture made of wood can be presented in the form of a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers. All furniture in the room can be made from this material — in this case, and it is worth purchasing a set so that the objects look alike. As for the recommendations, they are as follows:

  • If you can't buy the whole set for financial or other reasons, you need to focus on the bed quality — the child will spend almost half of the day on it.
  • The rest of the items must be picked up at your discretion. There must be free space in the room, as the child needs a place where he will play.
  • When arranging the room, you need to make sure that the purchased piece of furniture is not dangerous for the kid. In particular, you need to make sure that there are no sharp corners on the table, and if they are found, you will need to cover them with overlays.

You cannot save on children's furniture. A low price for a headset may mean using low-quality materials, light fittings. Responsible manufacturers ensure that raw materials are environmentally friendly and that even the most uncomplicated products are created according to standards.