Why Do We Keep Sending Amateur Hot Photo Sets to Our Partners?

Amateur hot photo sets, the artistic expression formally known as “nudes”, have been being sent to our partners for ages, but with the help of technology, we’re sending them at the highest rate ever. Here’s why it’s important for your relationship and your self-image to keep up the trend.

First, I think we need to dispel some common myths about sending amateur hot photo sets to begin with. When talking about amateur hot photo sets, it’s pretty common to think about that jerk who sent you an unsolicited dick pic, or the one that sent your photo to all of his friends. People send amateur hot photo sets for a load of reasons. It’s no longer all about starting a relationship or keeping one interesting. Women have started a new trend in sending their amateur hot photo sets to friends. There’s also a bunch of websites that sell women’s amateur hot photo sets for a way to make a little cash.

As far as amateur hot photo sets go- us ladies have taken back the power of the nude. Amateur hot photo sets have been studied and have been found to actually be really useful and incredibly empower for a number of reasons.

Amateur hot photo sets in your committed relationship

Sending amateur hot photo sets to your long term lover was recently studied by a team of human development researchers, trying to find out the reasons why someone would send sexually suggestive texts and how it affected committed relationships. The results that they found were quite a bit different from the ones that they had expected. While the scientists hypothesized that sending amateur hot photo sets would be born of coercion and insecure attachments in relationships, what they found was quite the opposite: Couples that are in long term committed relationships that they feel safe, secure, and comfortable in, are more likely to send sexy text messages, suggesting that it’s the trust and intimacy within a relationship that encourages a partner to send seductive snaps.

Amateur hot photo sets in your single life

Sending amateur hot photo sets to the new person in your life can be a harrowing experience. It’s a trial by fire- will he keep them to himself? Will he show or send them to friends? Will your naked butt magically appear all over the internet? It’s impossible to answer any of these questions until you know more about the relationship. Sending amateur hot photo sets is an exercise in relationship trust. You have to be able to trust yourself, and whomever you’re sending your explicit sexy body to. Just because you enjoy seeing yourself poised perfectly, with the right lighting, doesn’t mean he automatically gets a free pass to the show. Even if the new object of your affection asks relentlessly to send him nudes, if you’re not comfortable, don’t.

Amateur hot photo sets for your eyes only

Taking the perfect selfie is an art that has been supported and made simple and fun by a ton of apps that are available. It’s no wonder that Facebook is now bursting with profile pictures displaying selfies expertly taken with a cute Snapchat filter. Admit it. It feels good when you’ve taken that perfect picture of yourself. Slut shaming and body image issues are rampant in society today. Part of fighting the good fight is being happy with who you are and what you have. Taking amateur hot photo sets and looking at them to think “damn, I DO look good!” is a great feeling. A great feeling that every woman deserves to have. Being in control of your self-image and putting a positive spin on it is one of the best ways to combat societies obsession with the “ideal” female form. You don’t have to be perfect to avoid dysmorphophobia, but you do have to find ways to love yourself. Even if you don’t send them, taking sexy photos of yourself is a great way to feel better about the way you look.

Amateur hot photo sets among friends

Taking, sending, and receiving amateur hot photo sets is great for your committed relationship and a real boost to your self-esteem in the solo market, but a new trend has been set and is making women everywhere feel more beautiful and seductive- sending your amateur hot photo sets to your friends! Yea, this may seem a bit weird at first glance, but when you step back and look at the wider picture, sending sexy nudes to your girlfriends, and receiving theirs in return is a great way to celebrate each other’s beauty while not exposing yourself (please excuse the pun) to people that you don’t trust. I myself get regular Snapchats from a few of my girlfriends that include some full frontal exposure, and even though there’s nothing sexual about it, I really appreciate not only how they look, but how they obviously feel about themselves. Their posture and expressions exude confidence and appreciation for their own bodies. I love seeing that come out in my friends. It’s also really nice- as a 32 year old, work from home wife, and mother of two- to take amateur hot photo sets of myself. I get to say “I’ve still got it” and when my friends see them, it’s a wonderful feeling to have that thought reinforced.

So I say- strip down and snap away! Amateur hot photo sets are a great way to boost your own body image and feel more comfortable in your skin. They also add a bit of spice to trusting and committed relationships, as well as give your friends a way to celebrate each other’s beauty and comfort. Just remember- it is YOUR body, and you should share it in anyway you see fit. No get out there and feel sexy.