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Pre Marriage EducationResearch shows that pre marriage education could make a major contribution to a satisfying, lifelong marriage; the Church’s desire for all marrying couples. Climate Change Training (CCE) aims in enhancing the general public’s understanding of climate change , its penalties, and its issues, and to arrange current and future generations to restrict the magnitude of local weather change and to reply to its challenges (Beatty, 2012).

Research shows that couples have an optimal opportunity windowā€¯ to benefit from pre marriage schooling 12 months prior to being wed and up to 6 months after since later on, stress, adverse habits and relationship patterns make it more difficult to vary or resolve issues.

An alternative method may be to obtain a big random pattern of engaged and de facto couples prepared to participate in a longitudinal research of marriage and, as a part of the set of impartial variables, issue of their participation in a program, and the type of program attended.

A typical new marriage – managing 2 careers and rearing youngsters – really requires that couples have a very strong basis together in their relationship which includes well established talents to speak, resolve points, maintain mutuality and set individual and couple goals.

Environmental Education (EE) is the instructing of people, and communities, in transitioning to a society that’s knowledgeable of the surroundings and its related problems, aware of the solutions to these problems, and motivated to resolve them 6. The United Nations Academic, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) states that EE is vital in imparting an inherent respect for nature amongst society and in enhancing public environmental consciousness.