Boost Your Confidence In Face Of A New Relationship In 3 Simple Steps

When facing the prospect of dating a new smoking hot biker, many girls will stop and think whether they’re good enough for him. This is a perfectly legitimate concern, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that your self-esteem isn’t as high as it should be. It means you’re mature enough to know that caution is always warranted no matter how big of a party those butterflies in your stomach are having at the thought of him. When you really like someone it’s perfectly natural to ‘worry’ whether he likes you back, and when we throw in the fact he’s very desirable, has killer social media and biker dating sites profiles that generate lots of attention, and his exes are nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous, it’s time to review those confidence boosters, right?



1.     Eye Contact Increases Your Confidence

Notwithstanding the fact that confident women don’t analyze whether their romantic interest likes them, they just assume that he does, applying some of the simple yet effective techniques to improve your self-confidence takes a little effort and the yield is so worth it.

When you look people in the eye, it lets them know you’re confident and available for communication. This strategy also builds your confidence. Look your new biker straight in the eye instead of looking at the floor or your phone all night.

If you do the latter, it’s so easy to believe that nobody is looking at you at all, but when you raise your head and start making direct eye contact with a few willing participants, you’d be amazed to see how many people have their eyes on you.


2.     Body Language and Shields

Your drink, phone or purse are the props that can take away attention from you as you use them as shields to block communication. Your confidence and your level of attractiveness in the eye of your biker crush will increase if you keep these props on the side instead of blocking your face, chest or torso.

Your body language will be entirely different if you’re not distracted by minding the position of your purse in your lap. By keeping your purse to the side, you’ll open up your body and show him you’re confident enough in your physical attributes, as a result convincing yourself that you indeed are.

Any psychologist will tell you that you can influence your emotions and thoughts with your facial expression and body language. Simply put, if you strike a confident pose – you’ll feel more confident.


3.     Take Up Room

Timid and insecure people try to take as little space as possible and would be most content if they could be invisible. Increase your self-confidence by moving your arms when you talk, spread your legs slightly as you stand, and walk around freely within the group, at the bar or through the restaurant where you’re on a date with your biker.

You deserve the space you take up and owning it shows you’re aware of your worth. Act as a confident person, and your confidence will increase, and so will his infatuation with you. Don’t fidget, and master the art of touching, in passing, which will put you in control of the situation, increasing your self-confidence and give you just the right boost to make your biker fall head over heels for you.